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What to Expect At a Lutheran-Christian Wedding Service at Markham Lutheran Church

Guidelines for Family and Other Guests

  • A wedding is first and foremost a religious service. Family members and guests are invited to fully participate in the liturgy, prayers, hymns and corporate readings chosen by the bridal couple for this special worship service.
  • All baptized Christians, including children who have made their first communion, are welcome to receive the bread and the wine of Holy Communion. Lutherans believe in the Real Presence of Christ, i.e., that the bread and the wine are the body and blood of our Savior. If you have not been baptized or simply prefer not to commune for some reason, you are welcome to come forward to receive a blessing. Crossing your arms over your torso will indicate to Pastor that that is your desire. If it is difficult for you to kneel, you are welcome to stand to receive Holy Communion. If it is difficult for you to make your way to the altar at all, Pastor Larry will be delighted to bring Holy Communion to you in your pew. Just let the usher know and he/she/they will inform him. Gluten free wafers are available. (See COVID-19 protocols for the church.)

  • We pray together the version of the Lord's Prayer (the Our Father) which concludes with "...for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen."
  • Please remember to turn off your cell phone and put it away.
  • Only the professional photographer/videographer may take photographs/ video footage during the service, according to the guidelines provided for them. You may take pictures after the service, as the photographer/videographer hired for the occasion permits.
  • Things happen sometimes through no fault of our own that cause us to run late; however, if you arrive late to the wedding, please enter as quietly as possible and sit toward the back of the church, even if you are a family member. If you arrive during the processional, please wait until the bride has reached the altar to slip into a pew at the rear of the church.
  • If children are invited to the wedding and your child needs some quiet time, there is a "cry room" with a rocking chair and changing table located off the narthex where you will still be able to see/hear the service. There is also a gender neutral bathroom there.
  • Due to insurance regulations, please do not bring an open container of alcohol into the church or consume it anywhere on the premises.
  • Markham Lutheran Church has a "no smoking" policy. Please respect this and do not smoke anywhere inside the building. Please stand several feet away from doors if you must have a cigarette while on the premises.