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Guidelines for Photographers/Videographers and Florists

The nave and especially the chancel are "Sacred Space." A wedding is, first and foremost, a religious service. Therefore, we ask that you please remember that you're in a house of worship at all times as you go about your work. Thank you.


  • No church furniture may be moved without the consent of the Pastor in advance, and, if given, only by authorized church personnel.
  • Please do not use the altar, font, piano or organ as props/resting places for any of your equipment;
  • You may not take pictures/shoot video from the front of the nave or enter the chancel at any time during the ceremony. Special moments in the ceremony (lighting of the unity candle/sand ceremony, blessing of the couple, kiss, etc.) can be re-staged after the service if a close-up is desired.


  • No church furniture may be moved without the consent of the Pastor in advance, and only by authorized church personnel;
  • Pins, tape and other sticky substances are not to be used on the altar, font, pews or other wood surfaces;
  • When approaching the altar to place flowers on the gradine (shelf) behind it and attach them to the floor candelabra, if used, please do so with respect and reverence; please do not move, nor attach any floral pieces or greenery to the altar candles; please do not use the altar as a table to hold any of your equipment or extra flowers;
  • Candelabra/candle trees must have a protective mat beneath them to protect the carpeting
  • Vases of real flowers in water may not be placed on top of the piano;
  • It is preferred that real flower petals not be scattered by the flower bearer because they are a slipping hazard and also can be ground in and stain the carpet.